Saturday, February 8, 2014

Murder Of A Sleeping Beauty by Denise Swanson. Review.

I would like to start my review with a little gushing..yes you guessed it folks , I loved this!!!!!!
Murder of a Sleeping Beauty is part of the Scumble mystery series written by Denise Swanson and it features a main character called Skye Denison who lives in the Midwest. Skye is a school psychologist and she is a really awesome lady who is kind and fair and always seeks justice while remaining true to herself, she is also curvy and cute which I think is awesome in a character.
In this book one of the cheerleaders in the school is found dead and it is up to Skye to help out the kids trying to cope with her death while also trying to find out who did it and why. The victim was not exactly the sweet and huggie type so there was likely to be plenty of people who would be keen to see the back of this pom pom toting diva.
There was plenty of red herrings in the book and I could not guess who killed Lorelei but it sure was fun trying to guess who did it.
This book was another five star winner in my eyes. This is one series I hope never ends!

Below please find a link to Denise's website.

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