Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott. Review.

Hi buddies, I have just finished the above book and I am  enjoying that lovely feeling you experience when you have just read something awesome and memorable. I loved the book Little Women!(see below)..... if you have followed me for even the shortest amount of time you will know this. Good Wives is the book after that and I put myself off reading it for the longest time because I loved the first book in this trilogy so much.

Lesley over on wordsofareader on YouTube convinced me to give it a go and so that is exactly what I did and now I am kicking myself that I left it so long to read it.
This book had everything you could want from a classic. There was love, romance, ambition, family dynamics , travel, loss , and a few surprises. This was one of those books I wanted to hug once I was finished. If you have seen the movie Little Women then this story will be no big surprise to you as the film combines  the books Little Women and Good Wives but it is still worth reading  them even if you have seen the movie because they are beautiful. I read this sobbing in parts, ohhh how I sobbed... Then at other times I was very excited and the entire story just lifted my heart. Would I recommend this ...ohhh yes friends , I certainly would.
My favourite character in the book is Jo , this young woman is awesome! She has drive and ambition and a love of writing and books in her heart  ..... and lots of ink on her fingers from scribbling away every chance she gets. I think apart from Beth she is one of the kindest sweetest characters in the book and when she is speaking with other characters I think her good qualities shine through and dazzle. I am really looking forward to finding out how this series will end when I read Little Men , I am not sure if Jo's Boy's comes after that or if they in face are the same book just with different titles. If you know can you tell me in the comments please. Perhaps the title may differ from country to country .......or maybe I have two more books in this series left...

Below is a book that combines both Little Women and Good Wives and I think it would make a beautiful present for someone .I was given Little Women by my grandmother many many years ago and I have cherished it ever since.

Here is a link to Lesley's channel on YouTube
Here is a link to my own channel on YouTube
This Little Women book contains Little Women and Good Wives.

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