Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Resolutions

Well guys we are getting near to the end of 2013 . How has your year been? Are you Looking Forward to 2014 ?I always think New Year gives us all a lovely fresh start .We can try again with things we have not succeeded in and there is fresh hope. I always start my new year with a new journal. I don't keep a diary but I do keep notes of fun things that happen and books I want to get and quotes and things that make me smile.
Some of the book related things I am hoping to do in 2014 are as follows.

1- Try and complete at least five of the frighteningly high amount of series lists that I have. I stopped counting after thirty.

2-Limit myself to reading 200 books on my Goodreads Challenge for 2014. This might seem a lot but if you are a bad sleeper like I am and you enjoy reading then you know how easy it is to stack up the books during the long nights when sleep just does not come.

3- Try and review books 80% of the time if not more. As I do read a huge amount, and always have, it is not always easy to write reviews every single time. I like to review books that I enjoy for the sake of helping authors who's books I like and to remember later on what I thought of a book.

4- I am going to try again this year to read books from every genre. I do have my favourite genre's but it's good to branch out every so often and try something new, that's how I found out I love Dystopian books!

5-I am going to try and read some of the "big books " I have had on my shelves that were taunting me to read them. Sometimes the thought of a large book is daunting when there are several( okay hundreds)  of smaller books that you could fly though. Saying that though, when I do read a big book and I fall in love with it, it could have a million pages and it would not bother me in the slightest.

So guys, that is some of the hopes I have for myself and my books for 2014. I am hoping to use my new reading journal too in a bid to keep track of all the lovely books, characters, plots and adventures that I have yet to meet in 2014.

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