Saturday, December 21, 2013

Books,Chocolate, Crochet, Make-Up

Hi there lovelies. Have you managed to keep warm and avoid all the colds that the chillier weather tends to bring? I have a cold and throat infection right now so I have been drinking lots of fluids and getting as much fruit and veg in my diet as I can.
This time of year is always perfect for one of these when you are out and about:
 When at home who can resist one of these hot chocolates from the Snowman mug, yes folks those are chocolate flakes in that tin.
I have just finished reading Do or Diner and I loved it! If you are looking for a cosy mystery set in a diner then this might be the one for you. Great characters, great setting , believable plot, great side kicks and an awesome ending.
My skin is hating the colder weather and my normal foundation is just not making me happy so I took full advantage of the sale going on in my local pharmacy and stocked up on the below items.

CC Cream by L'Oreal. Love it! It turns from Green to beige to correct any redness on the skin. Brilliant idea and easy to use and blend.
 Wake Me up by Rimmel. Lovely scent of this Foundation! Will review these two when I try them for a little while
 True Match Foundation by L'Oreal, An old favourite!
 I ran out of mascara and decided to pick up this old favourite. Blackest Black Mascara by Maybeline
I have also made myself a new cosy cowl for to keep me warm. I got a nice bright colourful wool to make it with and this is how it turned out. This is Crochet.
The audio book I am listening to right now is:
This book is awesome. I love it! Neil Gaiman is the author and narrator and he is excellent at reading a story aloud. His voice is wonderful and you can't help completely pushing out the rest of the world as you listen to him tell you this story. It is Magical!

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