Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Gifts Part 2

 My New snuggly scarf my friend got me is the perfect item of clothing to wear in this dreadful cold and wind we are having right now here. The scarf is soooo soft and cosy I love it!
Some book goodies....... Book Journal, Book mark, and lovely books : 0)

Below you will see the Kindle HDX that I was given.. Ahhhh I was thrilled! Its such fun seeing my kindle books in colour when on my previous kindle they were in black and white. I love my kindles either way. They are precious.
 Then there was this box......
 Inside the box was these goodies from Lush that my brother and sister in law got me

 Look what I got from my little Niece...awwwwwwwww
 My twin nephews... Have you ever seen anything cuter.. I love all these cuties.. I am a very proud auntie!
 Scented cushions..Love these. My friend Ivan sends me these and I love them!!!!
 Hankies..Love them.. I am an old fashioned kind of girl....

 Trinket box.Stunning !!!!Look at these colours!!
 The beautiful Frida Kahlo hand mirror my friend sent me from America. It was such a sweet thoughtful gift as he obviously knows how much I admire this artist. She was incredibly passionate and had  a hard life but lived her life to the fullest despite so much ill health. Her stormy relationship with her husband was intriguing too.
 My lovely Marilyn Scarf my friend Ivan sent me. He spoils me , the sweetheart!
The Present I got for myself to hold my kindle. An Accessorise kindle cover.

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