Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Haul

Hi guys! I thought I would come on and show you what books I got with my book vouchers from Christmas. Below find a lovely collection of books that I am very excited about. Have any of you guys received books this Christmas ?

 The Screaming Staircase by Jonathon Stroud. Is this not one of the best titles! Love it! I don't know too much about it but I expect to be reading this beauty very soon! It was this intriguing cover picture that drew me in ,  but the blurb on the back made the book find its way into my basket.
 This is the second book in this series by Will Hill. I received the first book for review fairly recently and I really loved it and so when I came across this book in the bookstore I was so excited as I had forgotten that it was coming out. I wanted to bounce up and down with excitement but unfortunately a packed bookstore is not conclusive with bouncing up and down squealing yay in front of other shoppers, even though they very likely love books too and would probably in all fairness understand my joy when you get your hands on a book that you were excited about. This series gives a fresh new look to Vampire books. It really is awesome. Read book 1 - Department 19 first to gain the most from the story.
 I have been meaning to pick this book up for the longest time , and now that I have I will be on Goodreads very soon to find out all I can about it that is spoiler free. If anyone has read this book and loved it please comment below or let me know if you would like to read these books..
 Insurgent is book two in the Divergent series. These are Dystopian books and I have to say I love a good dystopian book. Divergent was awesome and I read it in a day so I am very keen to see where the story takes us after where we left off after the first book.
 Allegiant. The third book in the Divergent series. How will it all end???? I will have to read the second book before I start in to this one. Super exciting!!!!

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