Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Girl in the Red coat by Kate Hamer . Review

I had only intended to read a few pages of this to see what it was like , but as soon as I started I was not able to put it back down. The story is about the kidnapping of a young girl called Carmel who is out with her mum Beth browsing some stalls at a festival . It only takes moments for a child to go missing and that is exactly what happened all because of one creepy old man.The beginning of the story is tense and that builds quickly then eases slightly toward the middle picking up again toward the end. At no time does the story let you feel comfortable. The story is told in two ways, through the eyes of the mother and through the eyes of her missing daughter. It was a wonderful way to tell the story as it kept us up to date with what was happening with them both at the same time more or less. Trully gripping and sad at times but so wroth reading! I recommend this for anyone who enjoys thrillers .

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