Friday, March 20, 2015

Ladle To The Grave by Connie Archer . Review

This is book four in the soup lovers mystery series set in the scenic Snowflake ,  Vermont. 
In this book lucky's beloved grandad Jack got himself into hot water when he is suspected of giving someone poisonous herbs to a women's group who need the herbs to make wine for to celebrate the welcoming of Spring in a pagan ritual , with tragic results. 
Amidst all the worry of what happened on that tragic night Sophie, Lucky's dearest friend is planning her wedding with Lucky's help. What started of as a laid back simple small affair is gathering more attention in the community and Sophie's dream of a small wedding look like they could be drastically altered. 
I really felt sorry for Jack in this story , he is one of my favourite characters, he is a loveable caring old man who would never harm anyone and reading about him fretting that he could have given poisonous herbs in amongst the herbs for the spring wine was heart breaking. 
If you have read previous  books in this series then you won't be disappointed , if this is your first then you will enjoy spending time in the wonderful Snowflake , Vermont with this great collection of characters. 
I can't wait to find out what happens next in the series. At the back of the book comes delicious recepies too which make the book even more special. Enjoy! 


  1. Dear Edel ~ Thanks so much for your wonderful review of Ladle to the Grave. Much appreciated, and I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed this visit to Snowflake, VT! Happy reading!

    1. If I had my way you would be publishing them a few times a year. Love this series and these characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!