Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ahoy There!!!!

It actually feels like Spring today , and I do in fact feel like I have one in my step too. It was off to a small fishing area on the west coast of Ireland I went , in recent years it has been expanding and has extended quite a bit since my last visit. The sun was shining and the smell of the fish and the sea reached me before I saw it. It is a fishing town , the majority of business here is directly related to what is coming in on the boats although in summer time luxury cruise liners make there way here to come ashore and visit the beautiful area that is Donegal bringing business and life to this area that is mostly rural . Unlike some jobs , fishing does not have the same nine to five Monday to Friday routine and today it was as busy  as any other day of the week , men in their oil skins and life preservers coming ashore to offload what ever fish, lobster( cages) that they got and to prepare the nets for the next trip out. The noise of the engines , the banter of the fishermen and the smell of the fish and sea completely takes over your senses and looking closely at parts of the larger trawlers you have to think how brave these guys and girls are going out there in case they get stuck out there in the Atlantic  in rough weather with families back at home praying for their safe return.  Some of the boats are huge , these photos do not do justice to how impressive they are , I can't imagine what it must be like to be on board some of these in rough weather. Being thrown about on a boat  in rough seas is no ones idea of a fun day,  but it's in some of these guys blood ........ generation and generation of family's were used to this trade as their livelihood and in some tragic circumstances often a few men from a family did not make it back to shore. Today was a happy one with the sun shining and the gulls screeching overhead hoping a fish would get slung their way...

Look at the dinky one!!!!!

Above , one boat helping another move in to the side with their rope.
Just in....
Getting ready to move out again.. The engine was roaring..
That water looked awfully deep... You definetly need your sea legs even this close to the edge.


Later that evening .........

Tim Hortons coffee and donut... Well you don't need to talk me into that.... Let me just take that off your hands ...... Yummy!
The mini Daffodils in the garden are thriving .
Reading.........The Thirty List by Eva Woods
Evening reading ..........

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