Friday, March 27, 2015

Self Comforting / Good Head Space

I thought I would come on here to chat to you about what's been going on with me. There will be my usual book posts after I post this , but I just want wanted to bring you up to date about me and some head space I have been needing to take every week lately. Today has been a bad day, it has been a collection of all the things that have happened this year , baby loss, illness , anxiety and high stress levels along with worries about personal problems ,  tests to be done , and those I have yet to do ,and what the results may be. Today all that felt like it built up to a tough level so I needed to chat about them, I made some calls , spoke to some good people , and I am trying to just take care of myself right now until this passes. As they say,  even the bad times can't stay bad forever. As someone who has had bad depression on and off I know what I am talking about.. Depression will not tell you when it is going to arrive or leave so you just have to ride out the storm and keep good people around you, genuine ones , even if it means cutting people out of your life, the ones that could make the situation worse, it will become apparent very quickly who they will be ...
At times in life when you are struggling it's the time to call in the big guns ...any friends that you can trust , if you have family members that you can count on ring them , but there will be those who don't have friends to confide in or maybe don't have family ,so in that case finding that someone to talk to needs even more effort. This may be happening at a time when putting any effort into anything feels just about impossible but I promise a little effort now will make a big difference when you are having a really down day. 
Depending on where you live there will be different places you can contact , Samaritans , your local hospital, doctor , nurse..all these people are happy to help in anyway they can and it's their job to listen and if you can find some one of them you trust then that's half the battle. 
If your down days or stress days are less about depression and more about just the odd day of feeling down then exercise and meditation and doing fun things and maybe meeting friends can be beneficial as well as talking about how you feel, but if those days seem to be lasting a little longer then you think they should maybe talk to someone, your doctor or nurse can talk confidentially to you and maybe set your mind at ease .
If you are feeling anything like what I am feeling right now please know you are now alone ...
If you can't take it one day at a time then aim for an hour at a time steps folks... 
Until next time enjoy every bit of laughter and fun life throws at you , smile often and be kind to just have no idea what other smiling faces might be going through and you could be their reason to smile today just by being kind. 
I may do a blog post on the things that help me when things are tough.. Let me know in the comments if that is something you would be interested in reading about.

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