Sunday, March 1, 2015

Homemade Dashboards For My Journal

Hi guys. As I got a new journal/ diary for the new year I fancied making some laminated dashboards for inside it to write on with my dry erase markers and stick post it's on too. So below are some of the ones I have made along with some decorated paperclips . They have designs on both sides but I normally prefer a blank side to write on at the back and some fun pictures, some saying , cuteness at the front which I will see first when I open the page. Also if I use these instead of bookmarks I am less likely to lose the bookmarks which I often do..

Front above left , at the back below.

Gold and floral bird scene. I had some card and left over paper and made this.
This is it from behind so I can use it to write shopping lists or notes with dry erase marker.
My friend Ivan sent me this card and it was too pretty to put away in my card box so I turned it into something I can use each week.
Then at the back of it I made it even prettier I hope you will agree where I can add sticky notes .
Hello Kitty and pink was my theme here. This is the front.
This is the back. This is for my main shopping lists as I have a lot of room to write down what I need.
I got this pretty postcard and decided to make more use of it by adding some decor to the back and again laminating it
This is the back of it..
This was a card I received.. I loved it so much that I hated throwing it away so I decorated the back so I could keep looking at it.i often use this for a bookmark as it is a nice width and length.
This is what the back now looks like.
Gold and teal plain dashboard
A New Yorker postcard of one of my favourites of theirs . I keep this as a bookmark too as I often have more then one bookmark being used at a time... Well you guys know how many books I read per week.....
The back now looks like this 

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  1. Oh, those are super cute! I love the New Yorker one.

    Happy Reading! xoxo