Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Teashop on the Corner by a Milly Johnson

The first thing that attracted me to this audiobook was the title , the second thing was the narrator sample and lastly the discription. I was so pleased I got this as I loved every minute I spent in the lives of these characters. Milly Johnson writes characters that you care deeply for and just as you think you know everything that's going on she can throw in a surprise in the middle of it. Touching and memorable this is a book I would easily recommend to anyone but especially someone going through a rough time in their life . I did not want this story to end and wish there was a sequel to this... please Milly I would love a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ok , maybe I should actually tell you a little more about the book instead of just raving about it. There is a Teashop, which is almost a sanctuary , In here comes a quite a few regulars and they become friends , dear friends. Then there is the staff that work there who are going through their own tough bits in their life... Young and old all find some solace and peace here in between the tasty cakes and not drinks.. 
This will restore your faith in humanity. Loved it!!!! 

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