Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Thirty List Blog Tour!!!!!

Never has divorce been so funny and spot on , and I know I have been there! 
Meet Rachel, thirty something , newly divorced , homeless , trying to find her way in life with the support of her friends ,sad music and tea and biscuits...realising she never really knew her husband at all!
It's not long before the housing situation is sorted , Insert another person going through a divorce , a dog , a kid , and you have yourselves a really fun ,anything can happen read!
Rachel and her friends are witty and little rays of sunshine ,reading about their scenes together is often hilarious as they often open their mouth without editing it first...insert plenty of comic banter here....
Rachel may think that divorce is the worst thing that could possibly happen to her but little does she know it could be leading her on all the right paths in life but not without a few large hurdles first.
If you have ever lost your way, been through a divorce/ breakup , needed a hand in life ,then this is the book for you! This will lift your spirits and help you regain your faith in humanity . 

Eva Woods lives in London, where she writes and teaches creative writing. She likes wine, pop music, and holidays, and thinks online dating is like the worst board game ever invented.

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