Sunday, June 7, 2015

All The Little Pieces by Jilliane Hoffman . Review

The story begins with a mother driving home from a family party with her young daughter in the back seat , the party did not go well , she has things on her mind on the journey home when suddenly she comes across a young woman in the middle of nowhere , injured crying at her car door asking for help and to be let in as two men linger near .  She drives away panicked !  A terrifying start to this story !
Faith is the main character and the driver of the car, her daughter Maggie was the passenger . This was a great story in the way it makes you ask yourself what would you do if you were put in the same situation at night in a place you were not familiar with ,vulnerable and there was a real sense of danger . The story unfolds and we get to see the background of Faith , the girl she came across that night  and the men that were there. There is a lot more to the story then first meets the eye and the horror continues to mount. This was a gruesome and terrifying story that caused real unease and discomfort while reading it and the ending, oh my!! I recommend this for all thriller book lovers out there. 

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  1. Well, the amount of exclamation points in this review definitely adds to the sense of excitement you put in there. How was the character development, and the plot development? The review definitely sounds positive, but I would like a bit more information about how you felt it progressed as a whole.

    Take care!