Saturday, June 27, 2015

Book Loving Bloggers Q&A

Today guys I want to introduce you to my friend and blogger/ writer Kelly Florentia . 

Kelly thank you so much for being here! 

Hi Edel, thank you for asking me to take part in this bookish Questions and Answers session. Here are my answers. 


1. Library, bookshop, shop on line- which is your favourite place to buy books. 


I must admit, I don’t often borrow from the library. I’m a bookaholic. I can’t stop buying, which is why my TBR pile is always heaving. I like to buy books both online and at a bookshop. What I love about buying from abookshop is the browsing. I feel like a child in a sweetshop amid all those beautiful, colourful, enticing books neatly stacked on the shelf crying ‘Read me, read me.’ I rarely walk out with one book.



2. If you had to pick a place to read away from home where would you pick and why. 

One of my favourite reading places is by the beach. I love listening to the waves of the sea, the distant squeal of excitement from kids playing in the sand, chasing each other along the shore; inhaling the warm, salty air as I turn the pagesIt all adds to the experience, especially if it’s a summer read.

3. Do you have other hobbies apart from reading? 

Yes, I love running, well, jogging really. I also love a good, long stroll, and the occasional bike ride. As a writer, I need to stretch my legs regularly. I’ve often created plots and twists during one of my runs. It’s a very inspirational activity. 

4. Do you have a set reading style, place, drink, snacks, time of day. 

Unlike watching T.V., where I consume half a dozen chocolates and several packets of crisps, I don’t eat whileI’m reading. I just get lost in the story. Perhaps it’s because reading requires more of your attention. Or maybe it’s because I usually read at bedtime. 


5. Last book you bought? 

A Stitch in Time by Amanda James. I’m three chapters in and hooked. This is my first Amanda James book. I know I’m going to read more of her novels because I love her style and storytelling. I’m now a fan!

6. What fictional world do you wish existed so you could visit? 

It’s got to be Bridget Jones’ Diary. I think I’d have lots of fun hanging out with Bridget. I know she’d make me laugh, and I do love people who have a good, sharp wit. 

7. Have you ever sat down and read a book from start to finish? 

No, I’m a slow reader. The fastest I’ve read a full length novel is two weeks.

8. Do you give books as presents? 


Only if I know the person well enough. Reading is so subjective, which is why some people rave about a book while others don’t like it at all. I sometimes buy my husband books – some he loves and others never see the light of day. But he’s always too polite to tell me that he doesn’t really like it, so pretends he hasn’t got round to reading it yet. I then sneakily slip the book into the charity bag.


9. Favourite genre?

I read across a broad range of genres but my favourite is women’s fiction. 


10. Top five favourite non book related things in life? 


Running. Music. Nattering. Good food. Wine.  


Kelly Florentia is an author of women’s fiction. Her debut novel will be published by Accent Press in 2016. 


Twitter: @kellyflorentia


To Tell A Tale Or Two…A collection of short stories with a Twist by Kelly Florentia is available for download from Amazon.

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