Monday, June 15, 2015

Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine. Review

This is the story about a teenager called Iris who's father she has not had contact with her entire life. Iris lives with her mother Hannah and her stepfather. Her real dad Ernest is dying and wants to meet her before he dies and so they all make the trip to see him and the story really begins then. Iris seems like a regular girl until we get glimpses into her past through others eyes, Iris likes to do things that have caused huge harm in the past so that really threw me as I was sympathetic to her character until that point then I wavered . Iris has had a lot to cope with and I think she was expressing her hurt through what she did even though it was the wrong way to go about it. Ernest was  a very likeable character and I instantly warmed to him , he had gumption and was smart and I loved that about him as he could see right through his ex. I would recommend this to everyone. 

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This book is being published July 2015
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