Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer . Review

This is book 1 in this series. There is a place called Area X . It is mostly avoided but still monitored closely but the authorities . It looks like a jungle in there and teams that were sent in to it in the past have not had a very successful outcome. This story begins with the 12th journey into this place . The crew are all women and the main narrator is an unnamed biologist . They have to take samples while there and give reports on what they find , but they are not long there before an unnerving feeling sets in and it is very eerie and dream like , or should I say nightmarish ! Although they were told to a certain degree what to expect when they got there , it soon becomes apparent that they have no real idea what danger faces them and they are like innocent lambs to the slaughter . It also becomes difficult to know who to trust in her own team.  
I really enjoyed this book as it has a dreamlike quality to it so you are constantly wondering what is going to happen next . We get glimpses into the past too which give us hints as to what the outcome could be like for this crew making it hard to put down as you want this few to do well and get the hell out of there! 

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