Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Old books and goodnight .

I got three old books today one of them is over 95 years old , the rest are not as old but still very precious . There is something beautiful in old books ... The detail , sometimes pictures . They are smaller,  usually , and have the unique smell that only old books have . Well worn leather covers and sometimes dedications written inside to loved ones from many years past who are quite likely dead now. They have history , someone held them in their hands ... I like to sometimes wonder about the people who owned the used books before me, imagine their life , relationships and families, did they cherish the book ? What was their relationship to the person who gifted them it. I am a romantic and a day dreamer and I like to think up happy conclusions of why these dedicated books to loved ones ended up in the world and in my book loving hands. I have often found letters, tickets, football stubs, etc etc in books which intrigued me even more about the previous owner. 
Each book either old or new creates a world all of its own , a world only you can enter and understand by opening it up and reading. We are taken on wild adventures and exotic locations , we meet new friends and find quotes we may cherish and remember for the rest of our lives. They can touch us at times in our life when nothing else can and when we need comfort the most. They can leave us inspired and enthusiastic or thoughtful and bring us peace but for me they will always contain a unique magic that can transport me out of where I am to a place and people , time and world where anything can happen and that is why I truly love them so much. The written word can be the most devasting or beautiful thing you can come across , it can enthral you to the point where you can block the world out and envelope you in words to  make it feel like you are cushioned from the harsh parts of the world. There is order, there is a beginning middle and end and in all likelihood all questions will be answered. If only life were like this too. So , from this contemplative girl I say goodnight friends all around the world x x x x

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