Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Accident Season by Moira Fowley- Doyle . Review

This is a story about one family who each year towards the end of October fear the accident season. They are right to fear it as all types of misfortune come their way at this time. Cara is the main character and she lives with her artist mum Melanie and she she has a sister Alice and a half brother Sam . There is a lot of strange things happening in her life and some of them revolve around a mysterious girl called Elsie. The story is eerie at times with a ghostly feel and a very real monster . There was surprises I did not see coming and I felt great sympathy for some of these characters because of it. 
I would recommend this to Young Adults who enjoy darker tales to stay up late at night reading! 

I received this from the lovely people over at
This book is going to be published July 2015 and will be available from Lovereading and all other good bookstores then.
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