Saturday, January 31, 2015

What She Left by T. R . Richmond . Review

What She Left is the story about a young woman called Alice Salmon , and we know from the beginning that she died from drowning . We get to see Alice when she was alive through her journal entries , her relationships , and online presence so we do get to know quite a bit about her but this story only gives us little hints at a time about what was going on , enticing me to keep turning the pages well past my bed time. The story goes back and forth between when she was alive and after she died, we learn about those who she was close to , things she liked to do , and they all begin to paint a picture of Alice. Reading this feels like snooping with a mystery included that is just going to get darker and darker and so the tension builds nicely making this hard to put down. I found Jeremy a less then likeable character although reading Jeremy and Elizabeth's ( Alice's mother)emails back and forth to each other I found it easier to understand why he took it upon himself to write about this young journalist who had a great future ahead of her even if it made me feel uneasy. This is for those who enjoy a page turner with plenty of mystery that will leave you feeling unsettled about peoples online presence and what can be left behind. 

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