Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

I don't know about any you guys but Sundays are one of my favourite days of the week. I often meet people out walking their dogs when I am out on my long Sunday jaunts and they are just the friendliest people . It is fun to get up and  get out there and see parts of the world you live in that you pass by daily or just never bothered to look at before. Below are a few of the places I visited recently. 

 I like rural out of the way places , places I can walk , hear nature , wear hardy footwear and likely get covered in some sort of mud , hill walk , and really just ramble about.

 Not forgetting that Flask with something hot and snacks are essential. When out today the words of a Bette Midler song came to mind ...the snow capped mountains high , was the song From A distance ? It was beautiful none the less. 

The snow is still lingering here right now and it feels like it could be back... Let's hope it passes us by until next winter..

I like to imagine the people who lived in some of these places and the lives they had , relationships and perhaps problems , where were they now and did they have happy lives. I can sit for hours wondering looking at these old places and how the times have changed so much since these building were built.
Has it all changed for the better.... Who knows..........

Lunch was needed after walking so this managed to tempt us........ It was delicious as it looked. 

At the end of the day when legs are weary from walking a hot bath and some good reading material will help me relax into a peaceful nights sleep with a hot drink , warm home made crocheted blankets and a hot water bottle tucked in at my feet.