Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins . Review

The girl on the train is a story about a woman called Rachel.... Rachel catches the train every day to and from work but one day sees something that makes her feel very uneasy. The trouble with Rachel is that she is an unreliable narrator as she is an alcoholic so her thoughts are often jumbled up and her memories and timeline are unreliable. So when she tries to help police with what she saw while on the train she is treated with less respect then she should have received.Not everything is black and white in this story and quite frankly there is more red herrings then you can imagine which makes this the most wonderful mystery . I was guessing and going back on my guesses so many times that it made it hard to put the book down or I would lose my pace with what was going on. There is not many characters in the book but they are intricately linked and time upon time I felt sympathy for a character, but then mere pages later doubt myself and that characters credibility . I recommend this for anyone who likes a Whodunnit, or if you previously enjoyed Gone Girl. Awesome! I would definetly read more by this author as this had a great build up of  tension and urgency not to mention character building ! 

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  1. This book sounds great, I definitely want to read it after seeing what you've said about it.
    Is Gone Girl good? I've heard good things about it but my Mum read it and said she didn't really like it so I'm not sure whether to try it or not.