Sunday, February 22, 2015

With Baited Breath by Lorraine Bartlett . Review

This is the first book in the lotus Bay mystery series by Bestselling author Lorriane Bartlett although you might know her better under her other name Lorna Barrett .
The main character is called Tori and she has come to the bay to help her grandfather. Since her grandma passed away her grandad Herb has let the fishing tackle shop , and bed and breakfast go to rack and ruin and as her friend Kathy is at a loose end and up for a challenge she decides to help him out, big time! Lots of work needs to be done and help is going to be needed so it's going to be all hands on deck.
The story had everything I could want from a cozy mystery,a great setting, interesting characters that I could really believe were friends , and enough information about them that I felt invested in them. I really enjoyed this story, it felt very real ,like we were seeing these people starting this new journey of their lives from scratch, it feels very promising and I love all the character relationships .The bay sounds like a place I would put on my bucket list to visit and this is a series I will definetly be carrying on with. Truly wonderful !

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