Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bed Time Reading

There are some nights just after I close my eyes ,before I fall asleep I dream of all the books that are going to be released soon and the gorgeous covers of books I have read recently or quotes that have stuck in my head long after the books have been finished. Tonight I am still reading the same books as last night and I am at the point of the stories where I am invested in these characters... That's the bit that often makes or breaks a book... The pinnacle ... Will it all go down hill after this or will I finish the book then go in search of every other book this author has written and gobble them down hungrily .....Time will soon tell. Can you tell if a book is going on your  FAVOURITE shelf before you get to the end of the book???? Have you often been right???? I would love to know any of your favourite books! 

Below is a picture of when I was sleeping in my library.... My bedroom was being decorated at the time so I fell asleep each night here with some truly spectacular heros,heroines , magical worlds and adventures all around me... That's probably as close to nirvana as one can hope to get..... 
Well goodnight friends... May your dreams be peaceful and happy x x x 


  1. That looks like a perfect sleeping - and reading - spot!!


  2. Do you have any fond memories of being in there, or is it just the books that hold the appeal? (As if that wasn't enough!)

  3. Yes, I have fond memories there. It was hard to just pick one book each night to read as I was surrrounded by so many of my favourites.