Thursday, February 26, 2015

Allergic Reaction..bah humbug!

It was a rough night last night. I had another horrible allergic reaction very quickly last night and as usual it happens quickly. My face ,neck, hands and part of arm reacted with swelling ,redness , prickly heat sensations as well as burning and nerve pain.The doctors met me at the health centre and yesterday in total I needed four large doses of two types of antihistamines injections/tablets and steroids. After injections and everything I was in shock and could not stop shaking and being cold. 
This is the fifth or sixth reaction in about 6-8 months and it really gets me down. Being afraid all the time , having to carry large handbag just to carry Epi pens( two in case one needle breaks or does not work) 
Steroids, two types of antihistamines, two different inhalers. I am waiting to see immunologist but I am scared every day as I don't know what is causing it , there seems to be no real pattern to it and the allergic reactions can differ hugely from mild to where I need 999 help straight away.
Hopefully it will settle again but I will try and keep updating you . 
As usual I hope to keep reading and reviewing every other day or so. Thanks for sticking around buddies,  I hope not much will change on my blog ,you just might need to bear with me for a few weeks as the blog posts may be sporadic . 

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