Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Hollow Heart by Martina Devlin . Review And My Own Personal Views/ feelings

As you guys know I lost my fourth baby last month and I went in search for some books that talked about the experience of trying to have babies but I did not want to read about the medical side of it which I have heard much about in the 12 years since I started trying to have a baby. So I found Martina's book and here at last I found some hope , understanding that only someone with a lot of multiple losses can understand will appreciate. Every woman who has been through similar stories will understand the invasive , clinical , often heartbreaking , tense emotional roller coaster that is trying to have a baby , the worry of living through the preganancy with your baby and the hope of coming out the other side of nine months , mother and baby in tact with their lives ahead of them. Until I first got pregnant I thought of it as exciting and dreamy and perfect. Oh how I wish I felt that same happy feeling with each individual pregnancy I have had afterwards... Martina in her book tells it just like it is, the physical pain, worry, everything is covered, the drugs, the stress in relationships the overwhelming desire to have your own baby that some take for granted and unfortunately the disappointments. 
I found this book comforting in a way hearing someone else say out loud the things women worry and think about when they have multiple losses , when each loss makes hope die a little more and future preganancies extra stressful and free from the joyfulness that they would ideally have. They way she wrote about seeing other babies , being there for friends and family who have new born babies when you may have only recently lost your own baby. 
I recommend this to those who have lost babies through miscarriage, ectopic , IVF . 
This book shows the true strength that a woman can have, that she never knew she could have ,and how that strength carries you on to the next stage of your life whatever that may be. 


  1. Dear Edel ~ My heart goes out to you. I'm glad you found this book and this author and I hope reading it has offered you some little bit of comfort and solace. I wish you peace and healing. I hope someday your dream will come true!

    1. Thank you Connie. It feels like a long time ago that it happened but it was only last month. Time will help heal I am sure. Books can be a great comfort, and often the right book finds you at the right time , this was definetly the case in this instance.