Monday, February 16, 2015

You're A Crafty One!

Okay the jig is up... Yep..time to admit it... I love to journal! There is not a sticker, washi tape, gel pen , sticky note or planner that is going to be able to entice me away from it .. Books will always be by backbone but all the cutesy stuff used to journal / scrapbook will just continually make me smile. Did you like stickers as a kid ???? Think of this as the grown up much cooler nerdier version of awesomeness. I am only a beginner in comparison to some of the fabulous journaling ladies out there . I have seen all the planners ......beautiful Kate Spade, Erin Condren, Kiki K, Orla Kiely, Cath Kidston . Seriously just the planners themselves are enough to get excited about but if you add in all the cute extras that set you up for your year then it becomes something to look forward to each week and day.
Be it planning blog posts, housework , jobs to be done, appointments , you have a place for it ,and if you have found the right accesories it can be sparkly , cute and you will have fun.
I left it a tad late to get my glamour gear together ( journal etc) as I had no intention of keeping a diary this year but the sticky notes and things written on the back of receipts got a little excessive and this came at the right time they say all things meant for you come to you at the right time ...esp when I through out a bunch of receipts I realised I needed ... I swore things would have to change !
So I went searching innocently for a planner and a journal. The planner is for appointments , dates to remember etc , the journal is for more of my blog ideas, reviews, book wish lists  , picture ideas ,etc etc...there is so many out there that I was overwhelmed.. If I lived in the USA Some of the more popular journal companies may have tempted me but I went local and I found these two cuties which I love and they both thankfully fit in my bag although I don't tend to need to carry both with me. 

Because I want to keep the inside tidy while still making lots of notes these little sticky note pads come in very handy and can brighten up any journal .

Stickers draw daily attention to the things you don't want to miss like medication or doctors appointments.

Family occasions and birthday cards that need to go out, bills that need to be paid, shopping lists and so on there is no end to all things we have to remember every week. 

Washi tape and some labels and stickers can turn a week schedule into a brightly colour coordinated easy to read at a glance cheerful page that is fun to use.

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