Saturday, January 17, 2015

Recent Skincare Haul

I never got a chance to use up my vouchers etc that I got for my birthday and Christmas until recently and then I got sick again so I am late getting these next few posts up. Below are some of my gifts from Christmas etc.
Decléor nutri smoothing lipstick . I am going through a lot of lip balms recently and this is a great one!

Dr Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum
I love the smell of this. I use about 5-8 drops to skin at night gently smoothing and pressing on skin. This gives my dry sensitive skin a good drink before bed especially since I look like the walking dead recently .
I can still get the hospital smell sometimes so I am burning this to rid me off the scent . This is the Lavender, Rosemary and mint scent by The Handmade Soap Company in Ireland. They don't test on animals , free from nasty chemicals and are made from soy. You get 40 hours from this size candle. I get these products in my local Cara Pharmacy so if you live in Ireland it might be worth checking out your local Cara to see if they stock them. Cara also have an online shop! 
This is another product from the same brand , the chocolate and mint lip balm. If you like either taste you will enjoy this. 
Lemongrass and cedar wood bubble bath. Smells invigorating for when you want a bath to help wake you up .
Rose D'orient night balm by Decléor. Let your skin feel the love!

Moisture replenishing lip balm by Clarins . I have not opened this yet as I want to finish my Decléor balm first. I had this in the past I believe but there was different packaging. I hope it is the same product!

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