Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Girl In the Photograph by Kate Riordan . Review .

This is the story about a young woman called Alice who is unmarried and pregnant at a time when this was very much frowned upon, her family send her away to have the baby to a place called Fiercombe Manor and this is where the story gets interesting. While here she learns about the previous people who lived here and her interest lies in one of them particularly , Elizabeth. The past still feels very much alive here and both these women's lives have similarities that makes Alice all the more curious about Elizabeth. There is a ghostly feel to this book, an eeriness that comes soon after Alice comes to the Manor , it keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat even  if you are not quite sure why you feel the unease. 
I recommend this book for anyone who likes a slightly tense read where you are never quite sure where the story is going to go or how it all will end. This book does not give up it's secrets easily and if you liked the  Daphne Du Maurier book Rebecca then you should check this out. 

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You can also get a free extract from the book through this link.

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