Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life's Knocks And Reading

Do you ever think about the books that you have read and all the books that you have on your never ending TBR list ... I do .. I think about it as I have my head and neck tilted at strange angles in bookstores as I try to read the horizontal title of the books for meters and meters , by the time you get to the end of very long stretch of book shelves you straighten up ,give yourself a head rush ,and then realise you have just been in that position for the last hour. I imagine that if I am lucky enough to get to old age I will have multiple book related injuries...
When I was at school I swore I would never ever carry around a large heavy book bag again that would hurt my back and leave dents in my shoulders from the straps , then as an adult I find myself being tempted by big hard backs that could be mistaken for a cement block at a distance and I can't resist putting them in my bag and lugging them wherever I go so that I should never find myself without something big chunky and satisfying to read at any time. Well it's an ice breaker if nothing take out a brick that big in a waiting room and someone is surely to ask you what it is , what it's about ,and after seeing the size of it asking if it quite possibly comes in a kindle version, which it likely does but nothing beats the comforting feel of a book in your hands, the feel, the smell, the sound of the pages turning .

I was in hospital a lot this past few months , at nights it was hard to sleep ,I would reach into my bag and pull out whatever book I had brought with me and within a few pages I felt comforted and instantly more relaxed . When the night nurse would come around during the night to check on us all I was still there reading my book , reading so I did not have to think about what was going on , things that I was not ready to think about yet. You guys are probably sick of me mentioning losing my baby a few weeks ago but at one point during my stay in hospital there was another woman in having a similar procedure as me and we talked about our babies and books and it made our stay just that small tiny bit more bearable . Books do that, they bring people together who may not have spoken to each other otherwise. I have lost count of the amount of times someone has asked it any good?? Or... What's that about then??  

When your shoulders feel like things are weighing them down more then normal I bring my book here and recommend this to anyone. Find a book and space that let's you breathe and forget even if only for a little while. Then get up , brush yourself off and just keep going. 

Until next time x x x x x 

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