Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill . Review

I am a big fan of Melissa's writing style and I was saving this to read for ages. The first thing that appealed to me was this gorgeous cover . I finally gave in and read it then loved it even more then I could have imagined. This is the story about a woman called Darcy who works in a bookshop in New York  and adores books , especially the classics.. She is really bookish and I love that about her. She loves stories about old fashioned romance..think Pride and Prejudice. Then when one day she hits someone while on her bicycle her whole world is shaken up as she tries to help this gorgeous man who now has amnesia find his way back to his life .
The writing is beautiful , the story is moreish and I loved these characters, I really cared about them. Darcy was probably my favourite character but the mystery behind Aidan's life was intriguing and then as I got to know his character I found him noble and a gentleman. Sigh...... It was a perfect read! Go get this immediately ! 

Below is a link to Melissa's website.

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