Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Salinger Year by Joanna Rakoff . Review.

This is the story about a young woman starting out her working life at one of the older respected literary agencies  in New York City. Although the story is based in the nineties it has an older feel about it that I thoroughly loved. Typewriters were favoured more then computers in this office and if you like the TV program MadMen then there is that type of feel to this book. The author paints a vivid picture of her life working for the famous agents  to J D Salinger , known to his friends as Jerry.  The day to day life in the office and the private life of this young woman was a perfect book to read on a chilled out Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea/coffee propped up on your knee. I loved spending time in her world , and if you like J D Salingers writing or have an interest into the man himself  I think you will enjoy this even more ,go read this immediately ! This will be a re-read for me. 

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