Friday, January 23, 2015

The Two Of Us by Andy Jones . Review

 This is the truly engrossing story about a couple who have only recently started dating. Ivy and Fisher are only together a few weeks when their relationship is really put to the test. This is a story about relationships, the good ,  the bad , and the down right ugly told by the male narrator Fisher. Fisher is a comical guy, loyal, a bit goofy but lovable and just taking life one day at a time, Ivy is a good few years older and knows what she wants from life , they sound like an unlikely match but somehow it works really well. We get to spend about a year looking at their lives and how their relationship changes ,it is heartbreaking , funny and honest . I recommend this to anyone who wants to start a book and not leave it until they have it finished. It's too good to put down once you start!!

I received this book from for review.
You can find this book through the link below where you can also download a free extract from the book ,and it is available from and all other good bookstores in February.

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