Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wait for Dark by Scott Frost Review.

This was a very fast paced read from the very beginning, as soon as you start reading hang on for dear life as you watch the hunt for a killer. There was no time to relax on your laurels with this story as the imagination of the killer kept up my interest from the beginning and the method of murder was unusual. The lead character Lieutenant Alex Delillo is very strong ,tough and brave whether she is up against a criminal or her own personal problems. It makes her a character you really want to get behind,you really want her to nail the bad guys. When the killer has shown his interest in her it really makes the story even more thrilling because we just don't know the entire way through if he is going to get close enough to her to do her real harm. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely pick up another from this author again.
If you enjoy thrillers you will enjoy this!

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