Friday, February 15, 2013

Letter to my future self

Have you ever day dreamed about what life had in store for you in the future?
Did you ever wish you could write yourself a letter and receive it 10 months or ten years from now?
Well I did.
It's a little bit like burying a time capsule only without getting dirt under your nails.....
I found this website where you could write a letter to yourself in the future, it had to be at least a month in the future but it went up to 10 years +.
I thought this was a genius idea.
Not so much the writing ... but receiving the letters..
I have been doing this for a few years now and this evening I looked back on the letters I received to myself from the past.
Most were joyful and hopeful ,some sad,others optimistic...
I think a lovely time to do this is  coming up to an occasion that means a lot to you.. Reading back over my  own words , hoping everything would be okay and wondering what memories I was going to have, have been really special... The dreams I had for myself,would they come true... some did others didn't.
If you would like to do something similar then check this out.. It's a little bit of fun and a little magical when you get a letter from yourself in the future xxxxxxx

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