Saturday, February 2, 2013

Peaches for Monsieur le Cure Review

Peaches for Monsieur le Cure is the third book in a series featuring chocolate maker Vianne Rocher .
The first book in the series is" Chocolat " , following that is " The lollipop shoes".
Each book is  fine to read as a stand alone book but you will get more from this series if you start from the first book.
In this book we see Vianne getting a letter from the dead . The dead are calling Vianne back to her past ,to people and places she once knew . Trouble is never far away from her and that pesky wind will keep blowing making her ill at ease. Vianne  decides after reading her letter to go back with her children to the place she  once lived, The people have changed a lot since she was there last, some are in need of her help while others do not want it. .There is a real sense of unease at times , one particular character will chill you to the bone while other characters make very welcome re-appearances , it was very enjoyable reading about what happened in their lives since we left them in Chocolat.
 There is something very magical about Joanne Harris's books,I have to read them in one sitting, the story pulls me in,makes me care, and sad at the closing of the last page.This story is no different . Beautiful and captivating..I want many many more books with these characters!!!
I think I may just have to go back to the beginning and read chocolat again. :0) Book 1) Book 2) (Book 3 )

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