Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Book Mark Part 1

Love them or hate them they are necessary to hold what page number  we stopped at as our brains are unlikely to remember..
It may be very handy to just give an ear to our page by folding it over( hands up who did that?????? ) we know that we are not supposed to and it is really frowned upon with library books..Oh I dare you to go back in with your library books that have now grown limp ears to a caffeine deprived librarian who looks like she would not hurt a fly.... hahahahah...SHE WILL TAKE YOU DOWN!!!
Actually no, I do not dare you as I have more sense and in my younger years(obviously before I got sense..snigger's not needed thank you)I did that on one occasion, Yes ONE !! I got a strict giving out to by a tall librarian who scared the living daylights out of me... I never made that mistake again let me tell you!!!!! I was also too terrified to ask for the Enid Blyton's I wanted to take out..mum was sent in after I came out... (well I was not leaving without some books)
So to prevent the scary librarian leer ...insert bookmark where a bookmark should be inserted and slapped wrists to all who ignore this advice.
Below are some of the lovely ones I have acquired down through the years(yet I still can never find one when I am looking for one).

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  1. You've got some great bookmarks, I think the first one is my favourite.