Monday, February 25, 2013

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Reading this book was what I always imagined someone being in a coma would be going through and seeing. This author has the most awesome, fantastic imagination that will surprise you and take you to places you never dreamed possible while making it seem like it could very well happen.
I have not read much by this author but this book was sooooooo incredibly gripping that it def will not be the last book I pick up of Neil's to read. I can see why he gets so much praise for his books when he can completely take you out of your own life and head and into his when you read his books.You do have to concentrate a bit or hold on blindly while reading this as it is a bit like being in a  wonderful dream...a dream you had after you had been staying up for a week drinking booze ,partying then passing out on your face on the tile floor in the bathroom with the grout marks lining your face......I'm guessing... no really!!

 The book is about a man called shadow who is about to be released from prison, and can't wait to get back to his wife where we would be very happy to have a nice boring life from now on, but life does not always go as we would like and that is even more so the case for Shadow when he finds out his wife has died. As he is going home to her burial he meets a man that is about to scare the life out of him while taking him on  a whirlwind adventure that Shadow will never have experienced before.If you have not read this then don't leave it as long as I did to read it. You won't regret it.

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