Sunday, February 24, 2013

River of Destiny by Barbara Erskine

In this gripping tale, the past and the present run side by side near the banks of the River Deben in Suffolk. The story is told in the present by the current residents of the converted barns by the river and in the past by previous people who lived in that area. This is an awesome story!!! There is a real eerie feeling to the story which leaves you completely unable to put it down. I was reading it on my own in the house and it gave me chills.The past and the present have a lot in common and that becomes more and more obvious the further the story goes on. I was blown away by how well the stories came together giving a very satisfying ending. I wish this book was bigger as I hated to close the last page.
This book was published last year I believe in hardback but was published this month in paperback.
I received this from to review, but you can download a free excerpt here:

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