Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan

I was picked  to review this and I was thrilled! I had seen this in bookstores and I read the info on the back and loved the plot so when I got to review it-Yay!!(add lots of jumping up and down)
This was a very thought provoking book . From the very first page you are gripped by the story and it does not let you go until the last page and even then it leaves you with plenty to think about. These people on the lifeboat are thrown together ,having little in common, and trying to survive what is happening to them until they can be rescued,. In a confined space even the most basic human necessities are not available and they try and maintain their sense of modesty and manners but as time goes on these are stretched to the limits and something has to give.I spent a lot of time thinking about what would I do in the same instant and the choices people make when put into a position where it is their life or another person's, the basic need to survive takes over no matter what , and that is what we see in this story.The story is told through the eyes of Grace a young woman who's husband got her a place on the boat .They are separated and so we don't know if they will find each other again.Tension builds steadily and it is very hard to leave this book once you begin , the people on the boat are fascinating and the dynamics there are interesting to read . Leaders quickly push themselves forward leading the group of weary travellers, but in these circumstances nothing is certain and people become pushed to their limits of patience for their need to live. No one can be certain of their survival.

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