Friday, January 11, 2013

French Pressed by Cleo Coyle

                                                                  French pressed

This is book six in the Coffeehouse mystery series by Cleo Coyle. This is a wonderful series and I try to read each book in order. I am currently waiting on two books to arrive in the post (will post pics when they arrive).
In this book we have all the wonderful things we have come to expect from this series, delicious discriptions of hot tasty coffee's, great characters , a murder or two, and some recipes at the back of the book that you can try and make at home yourself.
This series is soooo great!! My favourite character is Clare Cosi ,she is the lead character in all the books and she runs" The Village Blend" coffee shop.
In this book Clare's daughter Joy is having a little trouble at work and it is going to be up to her mother Clare to help sort it out before it gets out of control. (I know one thing for sure,if you are in trouble Clare is the person you want on your side). We see Clare's ex and current love interest making appearances (more great characters) in this book too and things are a little shaky in the relationship department for Clare and  Joy's love life is no picnic either.
I do love the amount of detail that Cleo goes into about how coffee is made and it's origins and the work that goes into a great cup of coffee. The flavours that can be brought out of some beans is amazing and seeing how they would work better with certain foods was a real education in something that most people think of as just their jolt of energy to wake them up in the mornings.
This is a great book that I urge you to read with a large latte and won't regret it!!

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