Monday, January 28, 2013

Schroder by Amity Gaige

This was a really interesting book about the break down of a marriage and the custody battle for their child told from the father/husband's side. From early on in the book I took a dislike to the child's mother Laura, but the father/husband Erik I liked straight away,he seems like a loving father and doting husband , it is hard to watch him struggle later in the book with the amount of access he is granted to his own child.This was a book that really gets you thinking when you see the wrong decisions Erik makes in regards to his child, you can almost sympathise with what he is going through,he is put into a position where he has to ask permission to see his own child.. It's sad and heartbreaking at times , my heart went out to him . Often emotional and very touching with a sweet kid called Meadow in the middle of all of it. Read it with a box of tissues.
I received this ARC copy from the lovely people over at lovereading ,if you would like to know more about this page turner then check this out :

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