Saturday, January 19, 2013

Part 2 of 4 Book Haul.Children's/Ya

                                             Part 2 of 4 Book Haul- Children's/Ya books

 I have read previous books by this author and enjoyed them so I am looking forward to seeing what this is like.
 Will Grayson,Will Grayson I got for a bargain 50 pence! It did not have it's dust cover.I have not read this before but I love John Green's previous books so I imagine this will be fantastic too.
 I know nothing about this book but the cover intrigued me so I thought I would check it out!
 When I was a teenager Point Horror books were my favourite ! Many a lawn was mowed in the hope of getting enough pocket money to buy these books. These are collections of three books in each book.Looking forward to reading these stories again.

                              My older copy of this was well battered so I picked up another copy

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