Saturday, January 5, 2013

Delirium by Lauren Oliver Review


What if love was a disease? What if we never had to feel the pain of love ever again? This is the case in this book by Lauren Oliver. In a world where love is feared  the only solution is a procedure to remove love from us !
How easy would life be if love was removed from us? No more heartache and pain ! No more falling for the wrong people. Instead being given someone who matches us perfectly. Is this the ideal situation or control by those in power brought to a whole other level.
The book really gets you thinking about in some ways how convenient this world could be without love . Love is wonderful but I bet most of us can understand the pain it can sometimes cause   and the way that then effects other aspects of our lives. This author manages to capture perfectly this world and show us what it is like.
This was an awesome book. I started it planning to only read a few pages as I have way to many books on the go right now.....I could not put this book down.I was gripped from the very beginning . The story has a steady pace that does not ease up at any time and the main characters are fantastic and you really want them to follow their hearts.This dystopian world was both frightening and fascinating. I cannot wait to get the next book in this series. I loved this!!

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