Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In My Mailbox

                                                                 In My Mailbox
Those who follow me on here and Goodreads will not be surprised one tiny little bit to see these next authors books here on my blog...I love them!!!! I have been following Cleo Coyle's coffeehouse mystery series since the beginning and with each new book I fall in love all over again. Holiday buzz is the latest in this series and is book 12. If you love a cup of coffee and a mystery this combines both..Go check this book out!
 Holiday Grind is the 8th book in the Coffeehouse mystery series by Cleo Coyle .I love all the covers of these books!!
 Jacqueline Winspear is a wonderful mystery writer ,this series(A Maisie Dobbs Novel) is terrific!! This is another series where I have to collect each book. The main character Maisie is a genuine and believable heroine who often shows great strength and dignity while having to unscramble many a mystery.Highly recommend this series!
Below are the two books I got sent for review this week thanks to the lovely folks at
 This book has not been released yet. Publishing date is 21st February and I will have review on this later this week. This is a story told in letter form, I have read 5 pages and I was already laughing so I have high hopes for this. I adore epistolary books so this book is right up my street!
Want to learn some more about this book: http://www.lovereading.co.uk/book/8243/Stolen-by-Lesley-Pearse.html   I am a quarter of the way through this book and already I can't put it down. It's about a young woman who is found but who does not remember what has happened to her, after she has been examined it seems she recently gave birth to a baby but no one has any idea where the baby has gone or why the woman is in such a bad condition. It will be a late night in my house tonight as I have to find out what happened to this young woman. (she is a lovely character that you can't imagine anyone doing anything cruel too).


  1. Great books.... I have yet to try a Lealey Pearse but I have heard that she is good.... :-)

  2. I have just finished this book.I could not put it down! I will be on the look out for her books from now on. Highly recommend this one!