Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kindle and ipod covers by Minako at etsy

Hi guys!! I was searching locally for cute,pretty covers for my kindle and i-pod. Things were dismal.. I decided to have a look at my favourite site for original and handmade products , on Etsy this is what I found.

This is the kindle cover above ,it is the perfect fit. Mina the lady who made these for me can make any to suit any device as long as you provide the measurements. Everything comes packed neatly and within the time frame predicted on the site. These would make great gifts or even a treat for yourself.
                                      This pretty design is even more beautiful then on this photo .



  1. Can you make book like Kindle covers with old books?

  2. Hi Allan ! I do not make Kindle Covers .These products were on the website Etsy. You may have some luck in finding what you are looking for on there .There is a huge number of kindle covers there that are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by :0)