Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Kindle Release/Sue Grafton

                                                       Kinsey and Me  by Sue Grafton

This was a new release on Kindle today that I was very excited about and I had it pre-ordered. For those of you who are not familiar with Sue Grafton, she is a writer of the Kinsey Milhone alphabet series. Kinsey and me is Sue's most recent book but this is not part of the alphabet but it does contain short stories and details about Sue and where she got ideas for this series of books .This book makes a great addition to the series as all her fans are eagerly waiting for W is for........This shall hopefully tide us over until that book is being released. Reading this it is clear to see the effort that Sue puts in to getting to know her character Kinsey for example learning to shoot a gun and taking lessons in defending herself,all things that Kinsey learned how to do for her job as private detective. If anyone reading this is looking for a series of books to start on I urge you to try this one. I have been reading these books for over 16 years and I truly love them.  Kinsey is a fun, believable ,gutsy woman who does not shy away from crime while often  putting herself in danger in the name of finding out the truth.

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