Sunday, September 9, 2012

The LA Commandments by Gillian Duffy

The LA Commandments is a book by an Irish writer Gillian Duffy.

Jo and Suzie are leaving recession weary Ireland in the hope of brighter futures in sunny LA.
With no jobs, and worrying family members it's no wonder these best friends want to get away and have a fresh start!!
It does not take long to realise they made the right decision when they get themselves sorted with jobs, and a place to stay soon after they arrive there. There is plenty to do in this sunny climate that is far from what they are used to at home . The nightlife and people are so much different from at home that homesickness does not really even enter their minds. Set with their own commandments they vow to not fall in love as they try to start diff lives for themselves here.
This plan is going great of course until some handsome, charming guys enter the picture leaving them forgetting all they had vowed to do, esp "Not Fall In Love"... ahhh we have all been there!!!

Friendships and relationships are tested in this moving story that started off as I originally thought as a light summer read about girls moving to LA from Ireland for perhaps a summer vacation/ short term job situation.. It was far from that. By the end I was a sniffling mess and should have been wearing my waterproof mascara before attempting the last few chapters. The story really touched me and even now days later I can still remember it so clearly and how much I really did not see the ending coming. I was so shocked. I rarely cry when reading a book, but for some reason this book stuck with me . Jo, and Marc's story was what got to me the most although the relationship with Jo and her Father was so touching and sweet, and the strength they gave each other through the tough times was so lovely and tender. There is so much to be gained by reading this , but have someone handy after finishing it that can give you a hug  and pass you more tissues. Beautiful story told by a wonderful writer.

Now, I only hope that Gillian will have another book out soon again.!!!!

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