Saturday, September 15, 2012

OPI Nail Polish/Kardashian/Jenner colours

I have been a fan of OPI for ages but as it was so hard to get in Ireland I kind of went off the brand.
Then recently when I was in my local Cara Pharmacy I was so pleased to see the brand. The particular colours that were shouting out to me were these two:

KIM-PLETELY IN LOVE:Pale pink with slight pearl effect.(left)
ALL KENDALL-ED UP: Beautiful hot pink colour.(right)

I know there are cheaper brands but truthfully these are worth the money.I would prefer to save my pennies for one of these then get a few cheaper brands of a similar colour.
Of course these will need a base coat before colour application and top coat for protection and shine on top of your colour to maximise the length they will stay perfect on your nails for. So far I am on day 3 and no chips what so ever!!!!

I also picked up this fun glittery little number while in Cara. I love my glitter polishes. They really brighten up a nail and for a few euro you can't go wrong.

The name of the brand is Exposed. I have not heard of them before but they are available in Cara for Irish shoppers.Always remember to use base coats on top of nails before dark colours and glittery polishes. darker colours will stain nails otherwise, and glitter comes off a little easier if your nails were treated to a base first.

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