Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comfort Reading

                                                                  Comfort Reading

There comes times in our lives when life gets you down. When times like these happen it calls for some indulgent , comforting reading. These are the books that are well read and reliably able to fix what ever situation you may find yourself in.........well almost every situation.......
Personally I have turned to these ones time and again:

Little Women... A book I was given by my granny one Christmas in my childhood ,and it has seen me through many a bump in the road since.
84 Charring Cross Road by Helene Hanff.This book is never far from my side and neither is her other books underneath . A wonderful writer that was known mostly for 84 but who wrote other wonderful books also.
A book full of delicious bookish chatter. A must for all book/reader fans.
My favourite book of the trilogy Inkheart..A book about books .
The entire works of Sue Grafton..Kinsey Milhone is top of my favourite mystery characters.
The entire works of Harry Potter.....need I say more.....J.K Rowling managed to get incredible amounts of children and adults passionate about reading again, and not just slim volumes but great big brick sized books that filled Harry fans with joy .I started reading these in my mid/late teens and kept reading through to my thirties.
Family,Relationship and friendship complications.....emmmmm perfect for most situations....

So these were a few of the gems that I keep at hand for those days when the duvet is calling and the clouds overhead seem a little too dark.A little reading with a cup of tea is sure to fix everything in no time...... well most of the time...... :0)

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